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Albert Pujols to steal Stan Musial’s special day

Stan Musial will receive his Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday, February 15th, from President Barack Obama at 1:30 EST in the East Room of the White House.  It is going to be a great thing for MLB, Stan and … Continue reading

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The impact of MLB’s spending spree on Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals, Part II

Going back to Jayson Stark’s comments, I don’t like where he’s going with the honor and humbled statement.  Should those not be factors at all?  It’s not as if the Cardinals have stars that get screwed out of a lavish … Continue reading

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Escape from Cuba–St. Louis Cardinals–Thanksgiving

The St. Louis Cardinals signed Raul Valdes yesterday, and while not a big name, he may end up filling a key spot in the bullpen.  There’s nothing spectacular about Valdes, and he might not even make the opening day roster, … Continue reading

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Stan Musial and World War II

I wanted to talk more about Stan Musial today.  First of all, Happy Birthday Stan.  On the heels of Veterans Day, Stan being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and his 90th birthday today, I wanted to talk about Stan … Continue reading

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Musial awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom—Making up for the 2009 All-Star Game embarrassment

The first thing I want to point out here is that I think it was quite embarrassing that Stan Musial did not receive more attention during the 2009 MLB All-Star Game in St. Louis.  I was waiting for Musial to … Continue reading

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