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“Part of that is knowing I deserve special treatment” –Albert Pujols

No, you are not reading my thoughts.  You are reading a quote from the great Albert Pujols, who was defending his decision to play manager in Game 5.  Maybe Pujols thinks it’s the 1920’s and he’s player/manager Ty Cobb.  Actually, … Continue reading

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Dear Albert: Take the Money and Run

Today’s topic is about the great Albert Pujols.  I’ve bit my tongue long enough.  I’ve failed to mention all the times he stands there this year (really, the last couple of years) at the plate after he hit balls that he thought were … Continue reading

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Brian Jordan predicts Michael Young to the Cardinals

I was watching the MLB network this morning, and Brian Jordan was on there with Harold Reynolds talking about what team they thought Michael Young might go to.  Young listed the Cardinals as one of the 8 teams he would allow … Continue reading

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