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Albert Pujols Part 2

First, I’m glad the Cards re-signed Rafael Furcal.  His defense was a key part in turning the season around.  I hope the Cards continue to make defense at shortstop a priority in the future, especially as long as the pitch … Continue reading

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Time for the Cardinals to give Pujols and Lozano a deadline

It has been widely reported that the Cardinals officially offered Albert Pujols a 9 year, $198 million contract in January of 2011.  That would have made Pujols the second highest paid player in the history of MLB, second to only … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Matheny’s coaching staff—Rumors on Pujols

I think Mike Matheny got off on the right foot with his naming of the 2012 Cardinals coaching staff a few days ago.  To break it down, Dave Duncan will remain as pitching coach, Jose Oquendo will remain as the … Continue reading

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It’s only about the money for Albert Pujols

I’ve been saying for quite a while now that Albert Pujols was not going to sign with the Cardinals.  This comes as no surprise to me.  I think today was a bright spot for the future of the St. Louis … Continue reading

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Albert Pujols to steal Stan Musial’s special day

Stan Musial will receive his Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday, February 15th, from President Barack Obama at 1:30 EST in the East Room of the White House.  It is going to be a great thing for MLB, Stan and … Continue reading

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