Cards come home 3-3

The talk has already started about a feast or famine offense in 2013.  It’s about as stupid as it was in 2012.  Stats don’t back it up.  The Cardinals, like most teams, will run into good pitching performances like Game 1 of the series in San Francisco against Barry Zito.  What seems to be ignored is the fine performance from Jake Westbrook, who walked in the only run of the game.  Twitter was fired up, as fans claimed the Cards were doomed for a long losing streak.  This may be news to some, but the Cards have struggled against soft tossing lefties for quite a few years now.  What many fans fail to realize is that other teams do as well. 

The Cards are going to make their way into the 2013 playoff race by having great SP’s that can go deep into games and keep the BP fresh.  Of course the offense is important, but I’m still having a hard time getting my head around all the negativity with insistence from a certain faction of the fans who feel that’s this teams weak spot because of a few low scoring games here and there.

The Cards had a rough start against a very good Arizona team on the road, but just bounced back to put up 9 runs in one IP against Matt Cain.  After beating Ryan Vogelsong yesterday and Cain today, I’m not sure how anyone can feel bad about this team coming home 3-3.  Except for Lance Lynn, who’s still figuring out how to find his release point consistently after shedding 40 pounds, the rest of the rotation looks solid.  If Adam Wainwright doesn’t get hit in his throwing shoulder in the first game of the year or the Cards winning a 16-inning marathon, they could easily be 4-2.

As I said previously, there’s not a lot to take away from the games this early in the season.  The sample size is too small.  However, there’s nothing that I can see that takes away my feeling that this is a playoff team and will be in the hunt with the Reds until the end.  Matt Carpenter is something to look forward to, though, as he continues to battle at the plate in deep counts.  This isn’t news however, as he’s done it throughout his pro career.  Having his bat in the line-up on a regular basis will be a big boost when David Freese returns to man 3B on a regular basis.

Shelby Miller did a couple of things that bodes well for a successful season if he keeps at it.  He kept the ball down, he didn’t shake of Molina and was able to locate his breaking balls well.  As long as the Cards stay healthy, everything will be fine.  So please, let’s all hold off on calling something a trend until at least May.  The SP is in place, the Cards have depth on the bench as well as the #1 farm system in MLB and this team is led by a steady manager in Mike Matheny.

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