Kyle Lohse goes to the Brewers, Cards add another draft pick (19th and 28th)

Kyle Lohse finally found a job, signing with the Milwaukee Brewers today for a 3 year, $33 million deal.  According to the new MLB draft rules, the Brewers will forfeit their 1st round pick at #17 instead of it going to the Cardinals, and the Cards will get pick #28 instead.  Every team that was slated to pick after the Brewers moves up one slot in the draft as well, so the Cards #20 pick now becomes a #19 pick.  This is another win for the Cardinals #1 rated farm system.  John Mozeliak and company will have a little more wiggle room to take the chance on a high ceiling player in the 2013 draft.  The Cardinals are also given another $1.7 million to the pool of money on players in the first 10 rounds now.

This is just another example of the Cards following the short and long term plan that will keep them competitive over the next 8-10 years.  The Cardinals know if they’re going to compete in the future with teams that are getting massive TV contracts that the help is going to have to come from within, and it’s going to have to keep coming.  Surrounding young players with a few key veterans is a plan the Cardinals have to hit on.  Bringing back Lohse at 3 years and $33M wouldn’t have been a bad thing, but it probably would have meant the end of Adam Wainwright negotiations, and the loss of possibly adding another high upside cost controlled player.

Although the Cards have the #1 farm system in baseball right now, it’s not likely to be that way after 2014.  As soon as Shelby Miller, Oscar Taveras, Trevor Rosenthal, Michael Wacha, Matt Adams, Carlos Martinez, Kolten Wong and a few others are here to stay, the Cards system will fall fast.  It’s important to continue to restock that system now, and Mo took a chance on Lohse that has now paid off to work on that future plan.  If Lohse wouldn’t have signed with a team until after the draft, the Cards would have not only not gotten another pick, they would have lost roughly $1.5 million in money to spend on this year’s draft (first 10 rounds) by making him a qualifying offer.

The Brewers must think they’re a lot closer to competing in the NLC in 2013 than many others do.  Right now, it seems like a 2 team race between the Cards and the Reds.  Having Lohse behind Yovanni Gallardo isn’t bad though, and if injuries start to take down the Reds and Cards, the Brew Crew may just be close enough to make a few moves to bolster their team at the trading deadline.  The Cards should find out more today on the health of David Freese after an MRI on his back.  Carlos Beltran has a bad toe that he pushed through in the WBC.  More on that later, so far today it’s another win for the future of the Cards.

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4 Responses to Kyle Lohse goes to the Brewers, Cards add another draft pick (19th and 28th)

  1. cranny says:

    I was starting to wonder if rolling the dice on this one wasnt going to work out. I wissh we could have brought Lohse back at that price, but he stuck with Boras, he cost him MILLIONS. Some players need to wake up and realize there agents work for them, not the other way around.

    • Jim G says:

      Not sure it cost him millions. GM’s of other teams have publically stated they’re weary of signing former Cards pitchers recently. Kyle choose Boras, not the other way around. Brewers fans are less than happy about this deal. Moz didn’t really take a chance, so team was bound to sign KL before the draft, and Moz knew that.

  2. jen77 says:

    The Cards got Wacha at 19, hopefully that’s a good sign. Freezer’s MRI came back just fine, more good news for the day.

  3. WainwrightandMiller says:

    Another solid move by JM. He knew someone would hop all over Lohse, and made the right call by giving the 1 year offer. Try and put a link to my MLB mock draft in soon J.D., I’m making changes but it should be ready by this weekend.

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