Cards up 2-1 on Giants in NLCS

The Cardinals played an amazing game last night.  After Carlos Beltran went down, I think many of us had a bad feeling.  Then, Matt Carpenter came off the bench to save the day.  Hopefully Beltran rebounds and is at least available to PH tonight.  Kyle Lohse worked out of jams all night after walking 5, the most he has walked in game since 2008.  Jason Motte threw 19 pitches, all fastballs, but got his first 2 inning save with 6 straight outs.  Buster Posey was left standing on deck to end the game.  Mike Matheny once again picked the perfect time to bring in his ace in the hole, Trevor Rosenthal, who made Angel Pagan look like a little silly.  Edward Mujica was pulled at the right time, after giving up 2 hard hits and a hard out.  Mitchell Boggs cleaned up Mujica’s mess. The rain delay could have given the Giants back the momentum, but Motte made sure that didn’t happen.

The way I see it, the Cards just need to win 1 of the next 2 at home and go back to SF up 3 games to 2.  Adam Wainwright will go against Tim Lincecum tonight.  Wainwright is at 206.2 IP now after coming back from TJS.  He got hit hard his last time out, but this SF offense is nowhere as close to as good as the Nats.  Lincecum has pitched like he has finally figured it out after his roughest season to date.  He still has a nasty repertoire, and the Cards will have to be patient.

I don’t know how most of you look at Yadier Molina, Allen Craig and Matt Holliday.  They’re struggling, but they’re due is the way I see it.  The Holliday bashers are out in full force again, even with the Cards up 2-1 and 2 wins away from the World Series.  All I can say to them is to make sure and tell the story right.  The ball that Holliday played off the wall last night, holding Pablo Sandoval to a single, saved a run and maybe the game.

Again, the key tonight will to be patient against Lincecum.  He walked 4.4 batters per 9 innings this year.  His career WHIP was 1.20 until this year, where it’s been a 1.43.  He had 17 wild pitches, and also gave up the most H/9 of his career with 8.9.

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