It’s hard to ignore big things going on in the world, but if you saw this title and thought you were going to read about Barack Obama, you’ve been misled.  In no way would I use my Cardinal blog to talk about the incompetence of the POTUS.  I’m not going to talk about empty promises, failure of the economy, how Democrats by a “majority vote” of delegates wanted to leave God and Jerusalem out of the DNC, or my admiration for Clint Eastwood.  I’m also not going to tell you to go and watch 2016, or The Hope and the Change.  I’m not going to talk about 9/11, and how soon some Americans seem to forget about it.  I’m not going to talk about how ignorant it would be telling our enemies when we are going to leave certain areas of the world.  If I went on like that, I would be called either an elitist or a redneck (because the possibility that I’d be a middle class citizen would be ruled out by those in the big tent), which is confusing in itself, because then I wouldn’t know where to place my guns, on my stacks of cash or in my outhouse.  I wanted to use the word forward to talk about the Chicago Cubs and how they’ve been using that mindset since 1908, but I can’t talk about Chicago, because I heard that would make me a racist.

So let’s just forget about all of that, and talk about the Cardinals.  Last night was another disappointing extra inning 1 run loss, but the Cards remain a game and a half up on both the Pirates and the Dodgers for the final WC spot.  The bad news is that the Cards just dropped the last two games started by Adam Wainwright and Kyle Lohse, and will count on the rest of the rotation to get back on track and stop the losing streak.  The yet to be determined news is Chris Carpenter and how he will fit into the rotation going forward.  Hopefully he can start in place of Jaime Garcia on the road, where some people like to point out that’s where Garcia just can’t seem to Get ‘er Done.

The Cardinals have 24 games left.  It feels like they have to win 15 of them to have a real shot at grabbing that final WC spot.  At some point, you figure a team is going to make a run, whether it is the Pirates or the Dodgers.  The 4 game series coming up with the Dodgers might be the determining factor of how this thing plays out, and it will certainly be a big swing if one team takes 3 of 4.

If you take a peek at other blogs and chat rooms, many Cardinal fans are ready to condemn Mike Matheny and GM John Mozeliak for 2012.  What I see is an organization going forward with lots of depth that will be able to make a run at a championship for the next 10 years.  The fans that were pining for Albert Pujols during the 4 game stretch when the offense struggled don’t realize that if the Cards would have re-signed him, Yadier Molina, among many others, would be gone.  I already consider the 2012 season a success.  Of course I want to see the Cards in the playoffs, but I think the long term plan being implemented is a very successful one, and one most fans will appreciate in the years to come.  The good news is that the Cardinals have made big strides even with the loss of Pujols, Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan. Chris Carpenter hasn’t pitched a game, Lance Berkman’s contributions have been few and far between, and Wainwright is experiencing an awful year by his standards overall.

Reading that last paragraph you would almost think the Cards were out of the race this year.  That’s the real story that isn’t being told.  We are lucky as Cards fans to be able to root for a team that is going to be in the thick of things most years, and even with all of the departures and injuries, the Cards are in it this year and for years to come.  Going forward without a major decline or a need to announce to your fan base that you need 8 years to right the ship is something we should congratulate the Cardinals brass for, because there are not many organizations that run as good as this one.

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  1. TS says:

    You don’t seem to be as consistent in your writing as you were originially. When you have something to say, you say it. I normally don’t like mixing politics and sports, but if there was ever a time for it, it is now. I’m sure you’ll turn off some readers, but congrats to you young man for keeping with your principles. I’d like to see some more coverage like you used to do, but you hit the key points.

  2. democrat1 says:

    Fuck you for starters. The soooner you wake up to most people in this country not wanting to be a far right freak like you, the better. You just lost more than half the people that come here to read your simple mind. You lost half because moer than half disagree with your agenda, which is nothing more than taking down a man because he’s black. Your a racist, and you know it, and yes we will continue to call you one until you no longer populate the world with your hate.

  3. WainwrightandMiller says:


    I think you’re going to bring the nuts out with this one. You speak nothing but the truth, but it will not matter. This is the first time I’ve seen you go OT, and given the little bit I know about you I can I say I can’t believe it’s taken this long.

    You hit a nerve, and now all the Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s of the world will join hands to try and bring your down. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  4. StantheMan says:


    Don’t worry, the libs don’t have time to read anything about sports. They spend all their time spreading hate and fear that continues to divide this country. I’d guess that 90% of your viewers are conservatives. Good read as always, but try to pick up the pace as the season comes to a close.

  5. WainwrightandMiller says:


    1) Get back on your meds
    2) Stay on them
    3) Continue to worship your rockstar tin god

  6. pigfarmer says:

    Fuck the democrats

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