3 Free Cards WS DVD’s to give away from A&E

I am running a contest starting today that will give you a chance to get a free St. Louis Cardinals World Series DVD.  I have 3 of them to give away, compliments of A&E Networks Home Entertainment and MLB Productions.  Here are the rules.  You can only send in one response per IP address.  You have to send your response in the comments section of this entry.  There will be a total of 20 points awarded for the following categories, and whoever has the most points will receive the free DVD.  They will be sent directly from A&E, not from me.  The question for the free DVD’s is about Albert Pujols, and 5 points will be awarded for whoever is closest in each category, followed by 4, 3, 2, and 1 point for the next closest in each category.

Question 1:  What date will Albert Pujols sign a contract?

Question 2:  What will be the total dollar amount of the contract?

Question 3:  How many years will the contract be for?

Question 4:  What team will Pujols sign with?

Obviously on question 4, you are either going to get 5 points or zero points, but I feel this is the best way to do it.  For the other 3 questions, the closest person to each question will receive 5 points, then 4, 3, 2, and 1 point.  The DVD’s will be mailed out to the winners after Albert Pujols signs his contract.  You can email your mailing address to me for me to pass on, or I can send just your email address of your username to Suzanne Dobson at A&E.

I want to thank Suzanne Dobson and A&E Networks Home Entertainment and MLB Productions.  The following is a link to the DVD set you will receive if you are one of the 3 winners:


I just finished viewing my free copy of the DVD, and it was really something special.  It was narrated by St. Louis native Jon Hamm, actor on Mad Men.  There’s a great intro that starts with the Cardinals in spring training and the adversity they had from the start with the loss of Adam Wainwright and the Pujols contract.  All the way through from spring training to game 7, there’s a lot of behind the scenes comments from everyone from Bryan Burwell, John Mozeliak, Bill Dewitt Jr., Tony LaRussa, and most of the players.  There’s a spot after game 1 of the WS, on the morning of game 2, where Jason Motte goes into a local barbeque eatery with his wife and talks with the fans and has lunch.  Even watching it now, it still seems like it didn’t really happen.  There’s a lot of good comments from David Freese, Lance Berkman and Pujols.

Getting to the extras, there’s plenty of them as well.  As good as Billy Bob Thornton did with the 2006 WS DVD, I have to say there’s a lot more on this one.  Included as well is another DVD of the complete game 5 of the NLDS when Chris Carpenter pitched a shutout against Roy Halladay.

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18 Responses to 3 Free Cards WS DVD’s to give away from A&E

  1. WainwrightandMiller says:


    Here are my guesses:

    1. December 15th
    2. $210 million
    3. 8 years
    4. Cardinals

  2. TheMachine says:

    1. DEC 22
    2. 240 M
    3. 10 years
    4. Cards

  3. April says:

    Q1-January 3rd
    Q2-$195 M
    Q3-9 Years

  4. StantheMan says:

    My choices are….

    1) December 5th
    2) $215 million total
    3) 8 years
    4) Cards

  5. 12in12 says:

    #1. December 18th
    #2. 198 million
    #3. 9 years
    #4. Birds on the Bat

  6. Jim G says:

    1) Feb. 3rd
    2) $220 Million
    3) 9 years
    4) Cardinals

  7. twalls says:

    1. january 1st

    2. 230 m

    3. 10 years

    4. Marlins

  8. CardsfaninTX says:

    1–> december 27th
    2–> 216m
    3–> 8
    4–> STL

    It appears there’s no market for Pujols. I think he’s coming back to the Cards unless someone waaaayyyyy overpays. Are you going to write an entry about his agent Lozano and what he’s been doing? talk about a scumbag!!!!!

  9. AaronA says:

    For the trivia, I’ll go with:
    1. January 14th
    2. 242m
    3. 10 years
    4. St. Louis Cardinals

  10. GibbyandLou says:

    1. Jan 29
    2. 227m
    3. 9
    4. Cards

  11. oldschoolhockey says:

    I think the Dewitt is goiong to try to do something creative, so I’m gonna put up this here—–

    Q1) December 9th

    Q2) 217.5 hundred million

    Q3) 20 years (10 years of deferred monies of 2.5 million over last 10 years, plus 3% ownership in team)

    Q4) Cardinals, of course

  12. BackesBradfordBerkman says:

    hopefully the Cards don’t hamstring themsevles with the Pujols contract, but it looks like there’s not a lot of bidders so far.

    1. January 23rd
    2. $184
    3. 6 years
    4. Cardinals

  13. aces says:

    1. Dec. 1st
    2. $203M
    3. 9 years
    4. Cards

  14. offtheblack says:

    I’m game. Don’t think AP will sniff what he wants and will have to take cards offer because other teams won’t kill themselves with a contract for a player on his last legs.

    I’ll go with janury 19th, 191 million over 8 years with the Cards.

  15. Nuke says:

    Most of you are so far off it’s pathetic. Pujols is going to get paid as he should he’s been underpaid he hole career it will just take a while. Cards are a 4th place team at best without him, and if he receives some of your lowball offers he will sever ties with the Cards.

    1. Febuary 19
    2. $290
    3. 10 years
    4. Cardinals

  16. Silver Fox says:

    For those who think the Cards are going to give Albert a $290 million dollar contract (Nuke), lol. I see fans like you who claim to be Cards fans, but I seriously doubt it. Have you watched baseball before Albert? Easy to say you won’t be receiving a free DVD. I think I’ll be close here with dollars and years at least:

    1) 1-18-12
    2) $206 Million
    3) 8 years
    4) Unfortunately, the Cardinals, because no other team is stupid enough to put that kind of money in a player who is breaking down in front of our eyes.

  17. nomoreHGHforPujols says:

    No one will reach out to Pujols because of the HGH testing now in place. That’s the only way he come back early from a broken wrist. He’s a cheater, as most of you will soon learn. He’ll also sell out to go to the Cubs.

    Janurary 1st, $230, 10 years, Cubs

  18. Cardly says:

    the cubs, like other teams, will be used as leverage to get the cards offer up. pay the man, he’s iconic and deserves everything he gets.

    1. december 24th

    2. 258

    3. 10

    4. Cards

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