Jackson’s seven walks, cold bats, and the “The Biggest Loser”

Edwin Jackson pitched around his own mistakes all night in Game 4 of the World Series.  That is, until his pitch count reached 109 and he walked his 7th batter.  It was only the bottom of the 6th, but because of all the walks and pitches thrown, Jackson had to leave the game.  First of all, anytime a pitcher walks seven, that pitchers team doesn’t have much of a chance to win.  Walks will almost always come back to haunt you, especially in big games.  Why Tony LaRussa went to Mitchell Boggs, a pitcher he basically buried after he blew one save in Houston in May, and let him come in to pitch in that spot after Jackson walked guys to 1st and 2nd base is still beyond me.  The fact that it took Boggs so long to warm up should have said something, but it didn’t matter I guess.  The confidence level of Mitchell Boggs has been nowhere to be found for quite a while now.

On to the cold bats, well, I’m not one to bitch about home plate umpires that often, but come on Ron Kulpa, are you shitting me on some of those calls?  Derek Holland had the strike zone the size of someone’s body from the first week of “The Biggest Loser”.  I know you had to show how unbiased you are being from St. Louis and all, and after giving the Cards a gift in a game they won 16-7 in game 3 on the call of safe to Matt Holliday to 1st base, but, c’mon man. 

Holliday, Lance Berkman and David Freese aren’t ones to bitch that often, but they had plenty of reason to after being rung up on called third strikes that FoxTrax showed were clearly a foot inside.  Actually, the one to Berkman wasn’t that bad, but you gave Holland  2 inches off both corners against the Big Puma.  The reason it pisses me off so much is because it appeared the Cards were going to try and be patient and draw walks, get Holland out of the game, and once again pounce on that bullpen.  After a few gifts from Kulpa, the Cards batters were angry, impatient, and had to protect the strike zone.  I’m sorry, they had to protect two strike zones, not one.

There’s not much more I can say about Game 4.  Chris Carpenter is set to go in Game 5.  Jaime Garcia is set to go in Game 6.  It appears this series will probably go 7, and all hands will be on deck for the Cards pitching staff in game 7 except for Garcia more than likely.  I know we will all feel better coming home up 3-2, so let’s hope Carp and the bats get it done in Game 5.

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