Brian Jordan predicts Michael Young to the Cardinals

I was watching the MLB network this morning, and Brian Jordan was on there with Harold Reynolds talking about what team they thought Michael Young might go to.  Young listed the Cardinals as one of the 8 teams he would allow a trade to.  The others are Minnesota, Houston, Colorado, San Diego, the New York Yankees, the LA Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. 

The Cardinals have shown no interest in him, as Matthew Leach reports here that John Mozeliak said they could not see a fit on such a deal.  However, I can see a scenario playing out that could change that in a hurry.  David Freese going down early in ST is something than could change Mo’s mind.  I still think the chances of it happening are about 10% at best.  The problem is that Young is owed $48 million over the next 3 years.  The Angels need a third baseman, and I think he’ll end up there or in Colorado, playing 2B for them.

Looking at it more closely, there are a few factors that could bring Young to the Cardinals.  One is that the Cardinals are not going to sign Albert Pujols to a long term deal.  The next would be Freese going down early with one of those ankle injuries in ST.  A couple of others could be if Ryan Theriot or Skip Schumaker had an early injury in ST.  Young has played 2B, SS and 3B.  The problem I see here is that Young is 34, and like I said, is owed a lot of money over the next 3 years.  Also, his home and road splits haven’t been great in the last few years.  In 2010 in 79 games at home he hit .307, had a .361 OBP, hit 16 HR’s, and had an OPS of .871.  In 2010 in 78 games on the road, he hit .260, had a .299 OBP, hit 5 HR’s, and had an OPS of .679. 

Young has been quite the team player.  He moved from 2B to SS to make room for Ian Kinsler.  He moved from SS to 3B to make room for Elvis Andrus.  Now the Rangers want him to make him a DH since they signed Adrian Beltre to play 3B.  It appears Young isn’t too happy about that, which is why he is requesting trade.  Like I said, I don’t think there’s much of a chance that the Cardinals make a run at him, and I think he’ll go to the Angels or Rockies, but a couple of injuries early could change that if he’s still available.  I’m not sure what the Rangers would want back in a trade for Young, but whatever it would be, it would have to be a scenario in which they probably paid some of Young’s contract.

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