Adam Wainwright likely out for the season

It looks like the Cardinals will play in 2011 without ace Adam Wainwright.  I posted an article back on January 17th, Adam Wainwright has partial tear of ligament in elbow.  I was worried when the Cardinals shut him down at the end of last year.  Most people, along with the Cardinals medical staff, shook it off as if it was something that would heal on its own, and even Wainwright himself didn’t seem to express much worry.  Well, it now appears that the Cardinals are going to be without their ace for the 2011 season.  I’m not sure where to begin with my thoughts on this, only to say that hopefully Dave Duncan can work some serious magic this year. 

If Wainwright is indeed done for the year, I would think that Ian Snell or Lance Lynn gets the chance at the 5th starters spot.  I’m not ready to say that the season is over, but the offense is going to have to come up big, as well as the rest of the rotation.  There won’t be much room for a sophomore slump from Jaime Garcia, an injury to Chris Carpenter, and Kyle Lohse has to pitch like its 2008.  This is a huge blow to the Cardinals, especially since the rest of division has improved.  If there’s one man that can patch the problem, it’s Dave Duncan.  Hopefully he can remake Ian Snell or do wonders with whoever wins the 5th spot.  I’ll have more later, when the Cardinals officially put the word out that Adam Wainwright is out for the season.

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  1. cardsfanJohn says:

    Not sure why they didn’t take it more seriously!

  2. jstone says:

    This is HUGE news for us, but JD pointed out correctly that this ISN’T the end of the season. Anyone who has been a coach or a seriously competitive athlete knows that injuries are part of sports. It’s easy to look at something like this and contend that the Cardinals didn’t take this seriously enough. That’s highly unlikely though. The team wants to win, they are a professional organization that is highly respected, and most importantly, they have many millions tied up in Wainright. This is no one’s fault — this is just something that happens.

    As coaches and athletes, we know that injuries are part of ALL games, from golf to hockey. You do all you can to avoid them, but they still happen. However this ends, Waino will be back, and better than ever. The question is when, not if…

    If Waino is out for the season, I think Ian Snell is the most likely candidate to fill in. I am not at all comfy with that, but I guess that’s where we need, as JD says, to have Duncan pull yet another rabbit out of the hat. I know Tony has said “the answer is here” and has expressed that the Cardinals will not look outside the organization. That being said, I have to contend that we would be foolish to not at least glance in the general direction of the still-unsigned Kevin Millwood, who would undoubtedly come pretty cheap.

    Bottom line is this: If the players we have play to their ability levels, there’s no reason why we can’t still be competitive in the division. I’m not sure I agree with JD’s contention that the rest of the division has improved, but I would agree that whether they’ve improved or not, we will still, night in and night out put more talent on the field than any other NL Central team.


  3. Molinasgirl says:

    There’s no way the Cardinals can replace Wainwright. I think the season IS over. I think it will belong to the Cubs now. There’s just no way to replace a 20 game winner, no matter what Duncan does. I think .500 is about as good as the Cards will be.

  4. jstone says:

    To Molinasgirl:

    Here’s why you are wrong: First, let’s be clear, no, the Cardinals cannot “replace” a 20 game winner. That being said, if we can find another pitcher to maybe come in and win 11 or 12 games, and have the bullpen do a nice job here and there and pick up a handful more, all of a sudden it’s down to a difference of 3-5 games. We WILL lose more games without Wainright than we would lose with him. No doubt. But to suggest that the season is over, and the division belongs to the Cubs because we lose one player is crazy-talk. We may win 89 games now instead of 93. It will probably take 86 to win the division. Besides, the teams we need to be worred about (if we need to be worried at all) are the Brewers and Reds, NOT the Cubs…


  5. Molinasgirl says:


    Dave Duncan is overrated. You’ll see that his year. The Cardinals cannot replace Wainwright. I also disagree in that in will only take 86 wins to win the division. I think closer to 96. I think losing Wainwright puts the Cardinals at 4th in the division, and I expect them to win about 80 or 81 games at best now.


  6. cardsfanJohn says:

    The Cardinals medical staff is to blame for this one. They should have let him start TJ surgery as soon as they were out of the race last year. I think the Reds win the division now, and the Cardinals finish 3rd. And MGirl, Dave Duncan is no where close to being overrated. He’ll get 12-14 wins from someone not even on the radar. But I think the Cards win about 85 games, which will again be about 5 short of the title.


  7. CoachG says:

    I agree with CFJ, the cards medical staff is probably the worst in the NL if not all of baseball. Just ask Scott Rolen.

  8. jstone says:

    All of you are way off base:

    Molinasgirl: First, I never said the Cardinals could “replace” Wainright. You can fill the spot with a replacement, but he can’t be replaced. My argument was, and remains, that Wainright’s loss is going to cost us a few games this year — but NOT the season. We’re no more guaranteed to miss the playoffs because we don’t have him than we were guaranteed to make the playoffs if we did have him.

    Secondly, if you think Dave Duncan is overrated, to be frank, you have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve heard three people in my life claim Dunc was overrated (you are the fourth) — the three people were ALL people who thought they knew something about baseball, but sadly didn’t. If you think he’s overrated, you should go talk to the 2006 World Series Championship team. They’ll all tell you the fact, and the fact is this: If Dunc hadn’t turned Jeff Weaver’s washed up backside into a great contributor for two months, we don’t make the playoffs, much less win the National League pennant. Dunc is THE reason we won the World Series, and one of the THE main reasons we’ve been to the playoffs repeatedly in recent years. If you disagree, compare what Weaver did in the 12 months before Dunc worked with him and the 12 months after Dunc worked with him to the two months he did work with him. If you don’t understand that, you need to get with the program.

    Thirdly, the idea that it will take 96 wins to win the division is crazy. For it to take 96 wins to win the Central means that the 2nd place team will have 95 wins, putting the 2nd place team 27 games over .500. If you really believe the teams in the central division are THAT good, you’ve been hitting the punch bowl way too often.

    CardsfanJon: You don’t do “preventive” Tommy John surgery. That’s not how it works. You can’t repair a ligament that isn’t torn. If they would’ve done the surgery once we fell out of contention last season, everyone would be screaming about how Wainright was going to miss the entire 2011 season because the Cardinals chose to do an optional, preventive surgery. That’s crazy. You play as long as you can be effective and play. Once you cannot play anymore, then you do the surgery. This is common sense.

    CoachG: Scott Rolen is whiny, immature cry baby who has no respect for the heirarchy of power, or his teammates. I wouldn’t ask him to pass the salt, much less what his opinion is of the Cards med staff.


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