St. Louis Cardinals top 10 prospects for 2011 by Baseball America

Although the official release of the St. Louis Cardinals top prospects doesn’t get released until Friday, Derrick Goold posted them on the 12th.  I’ll go ahead and post them here in case you haven’t seen then and then make comments.

1. Shelby Miller, RHP
2. Zack Cox, 3B
3. Carlos Martinez, RHP
4. Tyrell Jenkins, RHP
5. Allen Craig, OF
6. Lance Lynn, RHP
7. Eduardo Sanchez, RHP
8. Seth Blair, RHP
9. Jordan Swagerty, RHP
10. Joe Kelly, RHP

Apparently the Cardinals farm system is going to by ranked 24th in MLB by BA.   There are a few names not in the top 10 that concern me.  I want to wait until the official listing comes out tomorrow before getting into the details, but you have to wonder about Aaron Luna, Adron Chambers and Matt Carpenter, to name to few.  As I’ve pointed out, I’m curious to see how far Aaron Luna will rise in the system.  His OBP is very impressive.  I’m curious what the Cardinals plan to do with him on defense, as he’s only really flirted with 2B.

I also wonder about some of the players rated so high that have yet to play in the minors.  I’ll make more comments tomorrow when I see the rankings and the reasoning behind them.

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