Gold Glove Awards 2010-NL and AL

Here are the winners for the 2010 Gold Glove Awards in both the NL and AL.  Next to each player is the number of times they have won the award.

National League:

PositionPlayer/TeamTotal number of Gold Glove Awards
CYadier Molina, Cardinals3
1BAlbert Pujols, Cardinals2
2BBrandon Phillips, Reds2
3BScott Rolen, Reds8
SSTroy Tulowitski, Rockies1
OFMichael Bourn, Astros2
OFCarlos Gonzalez, Rockies1
OFShane Victorino, Phillies3
PBronson Arroyo, Reds1

American League:

PositionPlayer/TeamNumber of Gold Glove Awards
CJoe Mauer, Twins3
1BMark Teixeira, Yankees4
2BRobinson Cano, Yankees1

Evan Longoria, Rays2
SSDerek Jeter5
OFFranklin Gutierrez, Mariners1
OFCarl Crawford, Rays1
OFIchiro Suzuki, Mariners10
PMark Buehrle, White Sox2

I want to point out that I think these awards are getting out of hand.  It’s the managers and coaches voting on them, and the rules state that they cannot vote for any of their own players.  That’s fine, no problem with that.  But how in the hell does Derek Jeter win the award with a UZR of -4.7.  And he’s not the only position I have a problem with.  Here are the leaders at each position minus catchers and pitchers, their UZR rating, along with the player at that position who had the highest UZR.  Here is your list:


1B-Mark Teixeira, -2.9

Leader—Daric Barton, 12.1

2B- Robinson Cano, -0.6

Leader—Mark Ellis, 9.9

3B- Evan Longoria, 11.1

Leader—Kevin Kouzmanoff, 16.1

SS—Derek Jeter, -4.7

Leader-Alexei Ramirez, 10.8

OF- Franklin Gutierrez (CF), 7.3

Leader—Julio Borbon, 8.9

OF- Carl Crawford (LF), 18.5

Leader—Brett Gardner, 22.3

OF- Ichiro Suzuki (RF), 15.6

Leader—Ichiro Suzuki


1B-Albert Pujols, 1.5

Leader—Ike Davis, 10.1

2B-Brandon Phillips, 9.7

Leader—Chase Utley, 10.3

3B-Scott Rolen, 10.6

Leader—Chase Headley, 16.5

SS-Troy Tulowitski, 7.1

Leader—Brendan Ryan, 11.5

OF- Michael Bourn (CF), 15.5

Leader—Michael Bourn

OF- Carlos Gonzalez (LF,CF,RF), -2.7

OF- Shane Victorino (CF), 2.6

——-Since Bourn and Victorino both played center field, and Gonzalez played all 3 outfield positions, here is the list of LF and RF leaders

RF leader—Jay Bruce, 20.2

LF leader—Matt Holliday, 8.2

So it seems that they nailed it for Ichiro and Bourn, but completely missed on Teixeira, Cano and Jeter.  I’m not picking on the Yankees at all.  I’m not a Yankee hater by any means, but the facts are right here.  Most other GG Awards went to someone close. 

Jeter is the one that continues to puzzle me every year.  His range is way below average.  He may have made only 6 errors all year, but what about all the balls he never came close to, thereby preventing errors from happening at all.  I don’t know why managers and coaches haven’t picked up one this, if they feel obligated to a vote for him because of his career achievements or what.  The fact is, he shouldn’t even be in the conversation.  I think what this list does show is that if you aren’t at least decent with the bat, you have no chance at the award.  I really wish they would change the standard, or change the award to stand for something other than defense, because it clearly doesn’t.  What’s your take?

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