Comparing the 2010 Giants vs. Cardinals–WAR

With the San Francisco Giants up 3 games to 1 against the Texas Rangers in the World Series, I thought we should look at WAR stats for each team.  I’ll list the players that were the starters at the end of the season in this first table, as well as include Ryan Ludwick here.  I am using the plate appearances that the player had with only Giants or Cardinals.

PlayerPositionPlate AppearancesWins Above Replacement (WAR)
Yadier MolinaCatcher
Buster PoseyCatcher
Albert Pujols1st Base7007.2
Aubrey Huff1st Base6685.9
Skip Schumaker2nd Base5290.4
Freddy Sanchez2nd Base4791.5
Brendan RyanShortstop4860.9
Juan UribeShortstop5752.0
David Freese3rd Base2701.7
Pablo Sandoval3rd Base6160.8
Ryan LudwickRight Field3142.2
Jon JayRight Field3230.8
Cody RossRight Field820.6
Colby RasmusCenterfield5342.9
Andres TorresCenterfield5704.5
Matt HollidayLeft Field6755.5
Pat BurrellLeft Field3413.0

One of the things this comparison shows is how bad it hurt the Cardinals when David Freese went down with an injury.  Add that fact to this next table, which clearly shows that Felipe Lopez had too many AB’s.   The first table also shows that Cody Ross not only hit well in the playoffs, but put up a 0.6 WAR in only 82 AB’s with the Giants.  I’m curios as what these stats say to you, and if they confirm or deny some of the feelings you have, both about the season and the Giants.  I only used players who had over 50 AB’s in the tables.

PlayerPositionPlate AppearancesWins Above Replacement (WAR)
Allen CraigOF124-0.1
Pedro Feliz3B125-0.4
Tyler GreeneINF1220.0
Felipe LopezINF425-0.1
Aaron MilesINF151-0.1
Jason LaRueC630.1
Joe MatherINF/OF64-0.4
Randy Winn
Nick StavinohaOF126-0.5
John BowkerOF900.0
Mark DeRosaINF104-0.6
Matt DownsINF880.1
Mike FontenotINF76-0.6
Jose GuillenINF139-0.4
Travis IshikawaINF1730.0
Bengie MolinaC221-0.3
Edgar RenteriaSS2671.0
Aaron RowandOF357-0.1
Nate SchierholtzOF2520.2
Eugenio VelezINF/OF660.0
Eli WhitesideC1410.0

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