San Francisco Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals comparison

I was going to do my first article on why the Cardinals need speed at the top of the lineup, but the San Francisco Giants are up 3 games to 1 against the Philadelphia Phillies at the moment, and they finished tied for last with the Chicago Cubs in the major leagues in stolen bases in 2010 with 55.  So, I’ll concentrate on speed trends in the next article, and instead compare the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals 2010 stats.

Team Offense   AVG        OBP        HR

Cardinals             .263        .332       150

Giants                  .257        .321        162

The .263 team average tied the Cardinals for second best in the NL with the Colorado Rockies, while the Giants finished 7th.  The .332 OBP put the Cards tied for 5th with the Phillies, and .321 left the Giants 9th in the NL.  The Giants were 6th in the National League with 162 HR’s as the Cards were 8th in the NL with 150.

Team Pitching   ERA        SO          SV          SVO

Cardinals             3.57        1094       32          42

Giants                  3.36        1331       57           73

The thing that jumps out here is the save and save opportunities.   The only team with fewer saves in the NL than the Cardinals was the Pittsburgh Pirates at 31.  The Cardinals finished last in the NL in save opportunities.  I can’t really explain this without looking into it further, but I think it has to do with the Cardinals getting behind early an awful lot and not giving the bullpen a chance with a lead.

Team Defense  FPCT

Cardinals             .984

Giants                  .988

The Cincinnati Reds were .988, the Phillies were .986, and the Braves were at .980.  I’ll add more thoughts and stats later.  I want to wait and compare the Cardinals more thoroughly against the World Series winner, and while I think it will be the Giants, I’ll wait until then.

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