Could firing Marty Mason be part of a bigger plan for the Cardinals future?

I’ve read all about how Marty Mason was always on the same page with Dave Duncan regarding pitching philosophies, and was his go to man in the bullpen.  The only reason I can see for firing Mason that makes a lot of sense is that his replacement may be a bigger part of the St. Louis Cardinals future.  I’ve heard nothing on who the Cards plan to replace Mason with, but I would guess it would be someone who will fill the void as pitching coach once Duncan is no longer with the team.  That’s the only thing that makes a whole lot of sense to me.  And in that regard, maybe it’s not such a bad idea.  I’ve heard Mike Matheny’s name mentioned, along with Cal Eldred.  Whoever it is will figure to get the most out of Duncan and help the Cardinals in the future.

I don’t know how much longer Tony LaRussa will stick around, and it’s hard to see LaRussa and Duncan separated.  I do hope John Mozeliak will surround as many people as possible around Duncan now.  It’s no secret that Duncan is considered to be the best pitching coach in baseball, and might be the first pitching coach to make it into the Hall of Fame.  Over the years, Duncan has been described as many things by his players.  Jeff Weaver is the one I think that said Duncan was like a “Silent Assassin”.  Most recently, I heard Kyle McClellan describe Duncan as a “Mastermind” on the Bernie Miklasz show.  Here’s the link to hear the interview:

So hopefully, someone is coming in to replace Mason that will pick the brain of Dave Duncan and be able to carry on the same pitching success when he leaves or retires.  Like Bernie said, Duncan has saved the Cardinals millions of dollars over years by turning pitching careers around.  Bernie made another good point about Tony and Duncan, saying that Duncan would like a 3 year contract, and even if Tony left, that having Dave Duncan on the staff already on the staff would be quite the attraction for the next manager.

If this is the case, I like the decision by Mozeliak to go ahead and get rid of Mason.  Dave Duncan isn’t going to be around forever, and if he really is the best pitching coach in the game, maybe this is the way to go to install his replacement.

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